Group Work

Family Support Group

Our Family Group is for anyone that supports someone with an addiction to drugs or alcohol or anyone being affected by someone else’s addiction.


It is free and confidential and provides a safe and non-judgemental environment with others in a similar situation.

This is a 'drop-in' group where you can attend as many or as few sessions as you wish. 

It takes place at the following time and location each week:

  • Date and time: Wednesdays at 7.00pm to 9.00pm

  • Venue: Southmead Project, 165 Greystoke Avenue, Southmead, Bristol, BS10 6AS.

Please see feedback from people that attend the group here. 

A Family Support Group leaflet can be downloaded here


If you are interested in joining, please contact our Group Facilitator, Emma Summerill, here or call on 0117 9506022.

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Getting support can change your life


I was in a big black hole of desperation until I found support


I don’t have to suffer alone

Coming to the group gives me the strength to carry on


The group is successful in changing people’s lives – it is very practical and effective

Pre-Counselling Group

Group Room at the Southmead Project


Post-Counselling Group

Our trauma-informed counsellors run pre-counselling groups for people on our waiting list. The groups run for eights weeks each and focus on improving safety and stabilisation. The support amongst group members also reduces isolation and those feelings of being 'the only one', which enables a huge shift for people working with their trauma.

Spaces are open to both long-term counselling clients and Nexus clients. 


The groups help to develop a range of self-care tools, such as:

  • Mindfulness

  • Grounding

  • Managing triggers, flashbacks and nightmares

  • Communication skills

  • Psycho-education around the impact of trauma


What to Expect?

We will contact people on our waiting list for counselling to offer them a space on a pre-counselling group. These take place three times a year and spaces will be offered first to people that have been waiting the longest.  

Four hands collect the gear from the gea

We can provide additional support to clients once they have finished counselling through our post-counselling support groups. These take place twice per year, which will help clients to progress with their recovery and consolidate the learning, tools and resources that they have developed during counselling.