Nexus Counselling

Counselling for Addiction to Drugs or Alcohol

We provide unique support for survivors of abuse and trauma who currently have an addiction to drugs or alcohol. 

We understand that survivors of abuse will often use drugs or alcohol to help them deal with their trauma symptoms. Sometimes it can feel like the only way to cope with life is by drinking or using substances and when these are taken away it can be a struggle to deal with emotions and feelings. 

Our Nexus Counselling focuses on becoming more stable and reducing someone's alcohol or drug intake. It also provides support and practical strategies to help deal with anxiety, depression and flashbacks and will help someone to better understand post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms and related mental health difficulties.

Our Nexus counselling leaflet can be downloaded here.


Please note that in order to be referred you need to be engaged with a drug or alcohol service and your support worker will need to refer you

What we Offer...

  • 12 one-to-one sessions.

  • Long-term counselling afterwards if appropriate.

  • Sessions can take place at:

* Southmead Project (Southmead)

* Bristol Drugs Project (BDP) (Brunswick Square)

* Developing Health & Independence (DHI) 

   (Patchway and Hartcliffe)

* Wick House (Brislington)

Jo Kelley, Nexus Counsellor

How to Make a Referral

Our waiting list for online and phone counselling has temporarily closed.  

Please note that our waiting list for face-to-face counselling at the Southmead Project is also temporarily closed

If you are interested in Nexus counselling and the waiting list is open, please ask your support worker to contact Jo Kelley for a Nexus Referral Form on:

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