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Impact Report

Our clients reported the following outcomes in 2022-2023:

Had an improvement in their level of connection with others

Better able to cope

with aspects of everyday life

Better informed about the effects of trauma and abuse

Had healthier coping strategies

Saw an improvement in their overall wellbeing

Reduction in trauma symptoms

Had more positive and healthy relationships with the people closest to them

On average, each client experienced three abuse types. Of the clients seen for counselling in 2022 to 2023, here is how many had experienced each abuse type:

Emotional abuse

Sexual abuse

Physical abuse

Domestic Abuse


Client Attendance, Sessions Offered & Equalities Monitoring Data

Overall attendance rate of booked counselling sessions

Counselling sessions offered

Client Location Statistics


South Glos

North Somerset


1 in 5 clients were from the LGBTQ+ community

1 in 6 clients were from an Asian, Black African, Black Caribbean or Mixed Background

Overall client gender statistics

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