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Our Client Voice

We value our clients above anything else and place them at the heart of what we do. 

It is important to us to hear how our clients have found the support at the Southmead Project and we would like to share some of their thoughts and feedback.

Feedback from the Family Support Group can also be found here.

Please click here if you would like to leave any further feedback about your experience with the Southmead Project.

There is life out there to be lived. [I am] proud about scores on forms, feel happy, learning skills and tools, [and] value myself.

I'm not secretive or dishonest about how I feel or who I am. I'm able to explore my thinking, feelings and don't feel judged or disapproved of. I now trust myself and am learning to trust others.

I am clean! I know what I want. I don't feel lost anymore. I'm finding my way.

Trust and relationship built up with my counsellor has given me the confidence to recognise the small victories. I have achieved more than I had expected in the given time and more than I ever wished for.

[I noticed my] self-esteem raised [and feel] more confidence in who I am, I'm okay as a person, learnt new strategies and remembered to use them.

I think about things differently. I don't let little things bother me. When bad things happen, I challenge immediately.

Amazing support; never felt so at ease; easier to talk about it; non-judgemental.

I am more confident. My anger problems have reduced. I am in a better emotional state. I have more understanding of how my past has affected me.

I'm proud that I've turned my life around. I am more in control. My reaction to [other people's] behaviour is different.

Can't fault it at all - excellent counsellor skills; patient, very knowledgeable/understanding, felt at ease [and] not pushy.

[I feel] proud that I am able to manage my responses to negative stimmuli.  Although not always contained, I am more aware of my feelings and taking ownership of my responses.  Enjoying being an adult.

[I am] more confident in expressing feelings, can be authentic self with others, grounded in who I am, know myself [and am] okay with that.

I had a good counsellor.

I'm not living in chaos or fear and feel quite free to be myself.

That I'm still clean and I've learnt to be open and honest and able to challenge myself

Able to face fears, get a handle on it (used to be invisible), [and have] tools to fight back.

Family Support Group Feedback

I have been attending the Southmead Project parents and carers group for 6 years. For me it’s about knowledge and empathy. I had never had any personal information about alcoholism or drug addiction before it affected my family. I found that the group taught me the lessons that myself and my wife needed to cope with both. It’s not about learning how to “cure” our loved ones, that’s impossible. To me, it’s about learning how to live with their addictions and support them when they make the decision to recover or, in our case; learn how to live with their passing. The group is like an all-encompassing hug, just there when you need friends who know what you’re going through.

We joined the Southmead Project in February 2018. We have a son that is smoking weed and taking cocaine. Our life has been unbearable and apart from this addiction he is suffering depression and does not communicate with us. We were at our wits end then I looked online for help for him, and came across the Southmead Project. We started going in February and it was the best thing we ever did. The group, ran by Emma Summerill, is the most amazing, supportive group, with an amazing group of people. Emma is so professional yet easy going and extremely kind and supportive. She encourages us to get involved in the talks and leads it with compassion and empathy. I hope this group goes on for a very long time because truthfully, without it, we would be lost!!

I have been attending the Southmead Project group for a number of years. The help and advice I got there regarding addiction and the strategies to deal with and manage it was invaluable, and over the years I have been able to feel confident enough to put these strategies into place. From my own personal experience, the group provides much relief from the anxiety and depression when I feel I have no control over the situation. It is only the addict who can change their lives, but we can also change and lead happier lives which, in turn, helps the addict.

Family Support Group Testimonials
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